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Click on each of the book icons above and they will provide you additional information on each book.

In addition, we carry an array of other educational books, CDs, and DVDs  in our online bookstore, including trainings for musicians, praise and worship leaders, ministry audit materials, church administration materials and pastoral reference materials, including leadership training.

Visit our online store for additional descriptions for books pictured below and to purchase any of the items.

Praise &Worship Books/CDs/DVDs/VHS  for Worship Leaders, Choir Members and Musicians

Hot Tips For Worship Leaders [BOOK]

If you new or seasoned in leading praise and worship for a church, we strongly encourage you to purchase Leading Worship Training DVD Equip - Leading Worship [DVD]

We have training materials for praise and worship leaders, from developing an effective worship ministry to serving in your church music ministry.


In Our Store

Love Dare (book)

Fireproof Movie



Below are must have books and/or CDs for your church leaders and business owners we have in our online store and bookstore



Titles such as: Secrets of Super Achievers, Biblical Principles for Building a Successful Business, Imagine, Taking Up Your Mantle (3-CDs) & More!




If you are planning on building, expanding, or learning how to maximize your space you must order Church Growth by Design: A Complete Guide for Planning and Building Churches to God's Glory.

It is one of the most detailed and informative books available.

Topics Include: church growth; building committees; capital campaign, funding and loan information; working with architects and construction companies; project publicity; and effective space planning for specific needs. Sample forms, planning worksheets, questionnaires, portfolio examples (including 18 pages of actual sanctuary floor plans), internal and exterior views and diagrams, case studies about lessons learned, and other helpful information is included. Especially useful is information about planning energy needs by taking into consideration climate, plantings, and geography, coupled with designing for maintenance in advance to avoid future problems.



We have pastoral commentaries, training tools, leadership and ministry Helps:

The Complete Ministry Audit (How healthy is your church? (This is a great tool to assist you in effectively strengthening your church)

The Pastor's Guide to Youth Ministry

The Vision of the Leader (DVD)

Lay Pastor Seminar Training Manual (Teacher's and Student Guides - an outstanding training resource for leaders to train their associate ministers)

You the Leader (a must for all leaders)

Alleged Discrepancies of the Bible

Authority Abusers

Witchcraft in the Pews (VHS)


We offer books that help you to bring and/or maintain stability in your church or ministry, such as "The Complete Ministry Audit", "The Pastor's Guide to Youth Ministry", "The Vision of the Leader", etc.

Bible Class, Group Studies, etc.

Books such as: "Spiritual Protection", "Rejection", "How to Act Like a Christian", Book of Acts, The Five Fold Ministry Offices, Training for Service

The Local Church Today (a thorough training tool for your entire church in understanding the role of the church and each member's role from deacons to elders, etc)

Spiritual Warfare

Strongman's His Name.. What's His Game?

Secrets of Spiritual Warfare

Seductions Exposed


Prophetic Ministry

The Prophet's Dictionary

The Prophet's Handbook

Exploring the World of Dreams

The Seer

Developing Your Prophetic Gift (4-CDs)

Purifying the Prophetic

Christian Plays: (click here for additional information)

bulletHere's A Good Man
bulletBroken Promises
bulletAll I Want For Christmas
bulletThe Birth of the King
bulletThe Gift of God
bulletA Mother's Prayer
bulletWorth The Wait
bulletStopping Pressuring Me
bulletA Voice from the Past for the Future
bulletNEW Black History Play to be released November 26, 2010 - The Road Back to Equality


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