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Do you know your family tree?


Family Reunions help us to celebrate memories of a life-time, so let us help you to preserve them for generations to come.



Let us print and bind your genealogy book for your next family reunion!

Grandpa Joe
We can design, print and bind a great looking book that can include:


Front cover in full color


Welcome letter


Family Crests


Reunion itinerary and activities


Family heritage (lineage)


Family Tree


Old letters


Memoriam section


Family Directory


Family Businesses (business cards from entrepreneurs in your family)





We can just print and bind your book/booklet that you submit to us in Adobe Acrobat Reader or MS Publisher, MS Word or InDesign. We can also design it for you.

Can't really afford hardback books? We offer a unique compromise - hardspine book. The spine is hard like a hardback book but the cover is soft. Very professional and unique option for your family heritage book. Ask us about this option.

Please complete the inquiry form below and submit it and we will promptly respond to you. You may also call us at 919-779-5203.


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Do You Need Us to Do Page Layout or Just Print and Bind Booklet?

Note: If we are to just print and bind booklet, it needs to be submitted to us in a minimum of 300dpi.

Page Layout is TPPLLC typesetting and designing page layout for the booklet.

If TPPLLC is to do page layout: Will we need to scan photos are will they be emailed to us (minimum of 300dpi required)

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