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Put it in Print -Transcribing Service 

Transcription with Basic Ghostwriting Services

We can take your sermon series, conference or workshop from  CDs or mp3 downloads and type them for you in Microsoft Word.

We are  not your typical sermon transcribers. What makes us unique is we also include basic ghostwriting - turning your sermon series into a book. To obtain the level of service we provide would cost you thousands elsewhere.

When we are done you will be in position to move forward in the publishing process. We will help make you look good in print by providing a quality, concise manuscript.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How many CDs are needed to make a book? - it depends on your goal. if you want 48 to 64 pages then you need at 3 to 4-(60 minute) CDs (this is for a small book, which would normally be saddlestitched (stapled) and require a good amount of ghostwriting. In general when one is teaching one tends to repeat oneself as learning occurs through repetition, etc. However, in print this becomes frustrating to a reader and is seemed as filler. Therefore, although you may have 180 to 240 minutes of audio, it may only equate to 100 to 160 minutes, we ghostwrite to ensure your book flows properly and have quality content.  Normally, we recommend at 5 to 6 CDs (with your front matter, proper pagination, and our ghostwriting, this usually equates to 112 to 148 pages in book format (5.5 x 8.5). You can request additional ghostwriting service to add additional pages.

  2. Can I read a sample of Turning Point Publications' work? - Yes. Click here to read a book that was transcribed from an church workshop taught by one of our owners, Pamela Smith, with more content added by her. We have worked with pastors across the country, many request confidentially and we honor that, but the link will give you an ideal of our knowledge of the Word and quality of writing.  You may also examine the book, "Leading God's People Baggage Free"

  3. What format will the manuscript be in? You will receive your unformatted ghostwritten manuscript via email or electronic download in Microsoft Word.


Please visit our Pastor's page.

We also offer consultation service to walk you through publishing your book.   (additional cost) or email to you or put file on a CD (finished typeset file is in a PDF only, as you receive the transcribed version in MS Word).  

Please complete the inquiry form below and submit it and we will promptly respond to you. You may also call us.

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